How to create a good descriptive essay in a few days

When you have been given a writing assignment for your class, there are three general stages you will go through before you finish the paper. If you understand these stages, you can navigate the writing process easier. The stages you can expect to go through as you write, and they may all happen within the course of a few days, are: Initial panic stage, the working stage, and the final panic stage.

Initial Panic

This is the first stage many students experience and it happens when they are first handed the assignment by their instructor. There is a sense of fear and dread that washes over you as you stare at the topic and instructions you have been given. You may feel like there is no way you can get the work done in the amount of time required. You might feel like you will never find the right topic to write about. You may be consumed by the fear and panic of failing. This is normal and as long as you do not let yourself become consumed by the fear and panic, this stage usually does not last long. The best way to end this phase of the writing process is to move on to the next stage.

Working Stage

This stage makes up the bulk of your time on the assignment and it is where you get the work done. It involves researching, outlining, writing, and editing your paper. Depending on the type of assignment and the scope of your paper, you usually will spend a few days working on the paper and getting it ready to turn in to your instructor. One day planning and outlining, one day researching, a day or two writing and then a day for editing is the minimal amount of time you will need for this stage of the process. The final stage usually happens right as you finish the final edit or during the time you are turning in your final paper.

Final Panic

Just as you felt a twinge of fear when you first started the assignment you are likely to feel the same when you finish and turn in your paper. There will be a moment where you fear you messed up, made a mistake, forgot o include something, or did horribly on the paper. This too is normal and for some student sit lasts only a short time and other will feel a lingering sense of fear or apprehension about the assignment until they receive their final grade, but it is part of the writing process.

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