Writing a Term Paper on 1970 Literature

If you are tasked with writing a term paper on 1970’s literature, there are several different directions you can go. A wide variety of authors attained a significant level of notoriety for their success in the 70’s. The following is a list of authors that you may want to consider basing your term paper around. Each of them brought a different aspect to the literature scene and would provide plenty of material for you to analyze in your paper.

  • John Updike. Updike is one of the most notable authors from the 70’s. His works often centered around the themes of sex, religion, and America in general. Considered one of the greatest American novelists ever, there would be no lack of reference material from which to start your paper. The most challenging aspect would likely be focusing in on one central theme to base your paper around.
  • Iris Murdoch. As a philosophy teacher in addition to a writer, Murdoch brought a comedic touch to her analysis of modern life. Her style was noted for contrasting light hearted characters against serious underlying subject matter. This juxtaposed style could make for an interesting essay topic.
  • Michael Shaara. A Pulitzer Prize winner, Shaara wrote on military matters with an incredible degree of realism and historical accuracy. The military setting allowed him to analyze his characters when faced with challenging circumstances. Given the prominent role military action has played in world history, an essay on Shaara could be approached a wide variety of angles.
  • Toni Morrison. Morrison is noted as having written about the black experience like no one else before him. If you are writing a paper in a setting that calls for race relations content, Morrison is a logical place to start. You will find an endless supply of reference materials at your fingertips when starting to seek out Morrison resources.
  • Vietnam Literature. Not restricted to just one author, a term paper could easily be written on the variety of literature that revolved around the ongoing Vietnam War. There was constant protest related to the war, and much of 70’s counter-culture of sex and drugs evolved as a direct result. Literature on the Vietnam War would provide a great starting point for a term paper on society in general and the confidence of the people in the government as a whole. This is probably the best option for a paper that is truly centered around the 1970’s specifically.

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