Information Systems in Bookselling

The Information systems that are used in the internet marketplace are precisely analogous. Using information systems will help you in distributing, buying, marketing, selling and servicing of bookselling through Electronic Commerce or e-commerce like the internet and other computer networks. Although information systems are considered as an electronic business application that has an objective based on commercial transactions i.e. supply chain management, electronic funds transfer, online and e-marketing as well as automated inventory management systems, automated data collection systems, e-interchange (EDI) along with the online transaction procedure.

According to the researcher, it is a known fact that the majority of business professionals in the present day has shifted the focal point to information systems especially to e-commerce which has proven over again to be a valuable and useful business way. Moreover when it comes to bookselling business it has also lived up to the market drift and trend. Presently, an array of bookselling websites is available that are Amazon, MphOnline and Abebooks. But these online bookselling websites are considered on brand new books in comparison to the second hand books. Due to less opportunity of selling second hand books locally and online it has given a new idea for the online world to develop a web system particularly for the selling of second hand books. Furthermore the researcher is saying that this electronic book selling system is considered as a way to serve the seller and buyer both when it comes to buying or selling books. You can also use this website for secondhand books to commercialize them.

Meanwhile the researcher has recognized functionalities of the system in order to do a research on available system. The websites having same approach are being examined to obtain an overall look towards enhancement that will be needed in the given project. With this, more important functions that can be integrated to the given website will be recognized. Apart from this, a research based on numerous local second hand book stores will be carried out. When it comes to proposing a website the best tool to use is “Questionnaires” in order to know the needs and expectations of the seller and buyer.


In this short research for information systems related to e-business and e-commerce in the field of bookselling have established that e-business is successful when it identifies the requirements of their target market and offer them with the related content. Moreover it is also considered that information systems allow the seller and buyer a platform where they can buy and sell second hand books or new ones using online world and their purpose are being served. Furthermore developing an application for secondhand book selling will be valuable and effective for both sellers and buyers.

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