Research Paper Writing: Who Can Give You Advice

If you have never written a long research paper before you may not be sure exactly how to approach the assignment. Instructors, try as they may, often give vague guidelines and basically leave there students to “figure it out”, without much additional guidance. As unfair as this may seem to some, once you have reached the College or University writing level you are expected to know how to complete a research paper independently. This means, that if you do not know to write your paper, you will have to find someone to help you out and explain the process to you outside of class.

Where To Get Help With Your Research Paper Writing Assignment:

Finding yourself a bit overwhelmed by the writing process is completely understandable especially if it is your first time tackling a writing project of this nature. Whether you need help coming up with a unique thesis idea or require clarification on how to outline your paper there are people out there who are willing to help you if you ask. Below we have made a few suggestions on for people to ask for advice when writing your research paper.

  1. A Peer
  2. Working together with a study buddy, or assignment editor from your own class is a great way to help one another while also improving your grade. Making an agreement with a classmate to look over each others work and offer advice during the research paper writing process can be mutually beneficial for both of you. Your classmate will be able to give you notes on your own paper so that you can improve and refine it before handing it in. In turn, you can also help them with their assignment while also using it as an example of a peers paper so that you know that you are on the right track as far a formatting and content structure.

  3. Find A Mentor
  4. Another great source of advice is a mentor or older student who has completed the same coursework as you and is willing to help you out by looking over your work. If you can find someone who is ahead of you in the same program and is willing to help you out then you will have a first hand advisor for your project. They will of likely completed the exact same assignments and have some helpful tips to offer you that will help you improve.

  5. An Expert
  6. Although peers and student mentors have their place in academic studies, expert advice is much more valuable when it comes to getting advice on your research paper writing assignment. If you have access to an expert in the field that you are researching take advantage of that persons abundance of knowledge and see if you can get them to look over your paper before you hand it in. Someone who is engaged in the subject matter and knowledgeable in all aspects of your research will be able to offer the absolute best advice. They can provide you with fantastic notes and maybe even an interview that you can use in your research paper as evidence!

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