Starbucks is one of the most popular coffeehouse chains in the world with locations in over 50 countries and hundreds of thousands of employees. The coffeehouse chain is known for offering various types of coffee beverages that are hot and cold. They have similar products that are found in grocery stores in different areas. The company has made billions in profits providing a beverage that people have come to enjoy for years. Even though the company offers one main product, how does it manage to earn so much in profits each year?

Starbucks has been in business since the 1970s before they started opening up locations to the public around the world. Millions of people enjoy being able to get a cup of coffee on the go. Starbucks offers various selections of coffee flavors to please just about any palate. The cost of the coffee seems reasonable to most customers, but few are spending quite a bit on coffee on a regular basis. You have people who will buy one cup a day, while others may purchase multiple cups during the day depending on accessibility. Yet, the company also capitalizes on their products when they are available in other outlets.

Many locations are located in highly populated areas, so it is obvious the company knows their market and most saturated areas to earn revenue. In recent years more products are on the market through the coffeehouse chain that may not be edible such as cups, shirts, and other memorabilia. You can get dry coffee or bottled beverages at different locations, with variations in availability depending on demand. But, critics may wonder how long the company can meet demands of the public with some consumers trying to cut back on how much they spend.

There have been studies conducted on drinking coffee including pros and cons of regular drinking and how such brands as Starbucks plays a role in public consumption. But, because of conflicting reports about how coffee can be good or bad for you, the general public is starting to take note on how much they drink and if it is really worth the investment. From time to time the company has had its share of controversy but sales seem to hold firm. The company continues to work hard in maintaining their customer base with coffee favorites while increasing profits with new flavors.

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