3 Ways to Write a Graduate Thesis Paper

If you’re at the graduate level in your academic career then you’ve written several thesis papers, research papers, etc. by now so we won’t go into the step by step specifics of writing a thesis paper. If you need a crash course:

  • Develop your thesis statement by asking a question and answering it.
  • The answer is your thesis statement. A strong thesis statement will give you a lot to think about.
  • The thought process on how you got to your answer will be the meat of your paper.
  • Research everything concerning your thesis statement. This will bolster your point.
  • Stay on track with writing about your statement and address everything—pros, cons, history in relation to your statement—everything.
  • Close big, cite works used, etc.
  • Don’t plagiarize; your teacher is watching everything you do. Everything you do.
  • Pick a formatting style and format your paper accordingly.

There, you’re done. The way to actually go about doing it varies. Some steps can be done out of order and some steps can be done longer than others. It’s worth noting that the process itself is fairly flexible, however there are three main ways to actually getting the paper done. These three ways are centered on one thing:

Time Management

Yes, the all crucial time management. If you’ve read any of the other articles here, you’ll have a general idea of how this will end up. If not, grab some crisps and stay tuned. The three ways to write a graduate thesis paper are:

  • Ahead of time
  • In installments
  • At Crunch Time

Let’s start by getting the last one of the way now.

Crunch Time

Crunch time is the very worst time to do anything of importance. If you have a syllabus, you have a very specific idea of when your thesis paper is due. If it says “Monday, Week 11 of Class” that means you have more than enough time from when you got the syllabus to complete it. Working on an assignment with one week a few days left rarely works out well unless you do your best work under pressure.

Working during crunch time results in poor focus, consuming of energy drinks, and seeing one letter appear 40 or 50 times in a row because your head fell on the keyboard or your finger pressed in place and you drifted off.
You’re also likely to spend quite a bit of time editing your paper after you’ve seen the out there stuff you typed while coasting on fumes.

Ahead of Time

Using the above fictional syllabus; your paper is due in 11 weeks. Start on and finish it early. You know the steps and you know how much time you can dedicate and roughly how much work you’ll want to put into it. You might be able to finish your thesis paper in a week or two.

This gives you plenty of time to handle revisions if you decide to read it a few days from when you initially completed it.

In Installments

Doing your thesis paper in installments allows for you to finish ahead of time, but gives you more time to do so without the risk of burning yourself out.

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