Useful techniques on how to write a college essay paper

It is a fact of life that every college student will be required to write an essay. In fact most college students will be required to write many essays. So the better your technique at writing essays, the better your results and the better your chances of an interesting life when you graduate. So what are the techniques that you can work on? What are the steps you can take to improve your overall ability as a writer of essays in college? Try these suggestions for starters.

  • The word count is vital and cutting can help.
  • Vague or flowery language is close to a death sentence.
  • Not knowing how to cite references can seriously affect your score.
  • Research has two characteristics -- finding it and recording it.

There will be certain requirements or rules whenever you write a college essay. It might be that it has to be in the APA your MLA format. You have to know the rules of the relevant format. And one of the regulations apart from the format will be the word count. It might be that you are asked to write 1500 words or maybe 4000 words. If you find when you get to the end of your essay that you are hopelessly overwritten, one of the best ways to fix that situation is to remove one of your main points. Of course all the subsequent supporting argument for that main point will be removed as well thus significantly reducing the number of words in your essay.

If you can't be clear in what you want to say in writing, then your chances of doing well are severely limited. You need to be crystal clear. If you have a word which, if removed, makes no difference to the sense or meaning of your sentence then remove it. Write well and always remove the vague or flowery writing.

If you are able to cite references from reputable and relevant sources throughout your essay, you are likely to win plaudits. But finding those references and quoting them carries with it the burden of knowing how to list them or cite them according to the rules of your college or teacher. Know how to cite references.

Now research is a two edged sword. It has to exist and you have to know how to find it but if it does exist and you do find it, that is not the end of the game. You then have to know how to notate the relevant parts of the research. Get your technique up to scratch in this and all the above points and you're well on the way to writing an outstanding college essay paper.

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