10 Argument Essay Topics Easy to Write On

If you are writing an argumentative essay, you have achieved great success if, after finishing your paper, the reader has an odd taste in their mouth, rising passion in their lungs, and a great mixture of support or hostility. Argumentative topics are those which stir debate, controversy, and more. So if you are looking for 10 argument essay topics that are easy to write about, consider the ten below:

  1. Consider the topic of abortion. What influence has Roe v. Wade had over the years? What effect do picketeers and protestors have when they stand outside of a Planned Parenthood? What violence has occurred because of this?
  2. Is PETA really an effective organization? Does pouring red paint on people actually do anything to stop animal experimentation or has the group effectively wasted their time for years? Take a stand point on animal rights. Is it better to run preliminary tests on rats, then monkeys before we run tests on people? How many scientific and medicinal advances have come about because of animal experimentation? Are there perhaps more humane ways to do it?
  3. Breast cancer and the Susan G. Komen foundation are controversial topics. They always have events to raise money, and yet no advances seem to be made in the fight against breast cancer.
  4. Border control is another heated issue. Should militant groups be allowed to run along the border shooting immigrants at will? Should the border be closed? How is this changing the landscape of the melting pot?
  5. Is the pharmaceutical company responsible for too much profit and the debt of many Americans? Why is there no cap for their price mark ups on products?
  6. Is it acceptable to adopt a baby that is another ethnicity?
  7. Why is death row so upsetting? Why does America still use it in spite of few countries around the world doing it. Most of America’s allies do not use the death penalty, only their enemies. And yet it is still used. How many cases were later proved to be the wrong person who was killed? What kind of compensation can be given in these situations?
  8. Genetic cloning is another debatable topic, particularly among religious people. But if there is a separation of church and state, do religious concerns about genetic cloning matter?
  9. Plastic surgery is popular for those who are in accidents, but is it going too far for others?
  10. What can be done about human trafficking?

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