A guide for writing a biology term paper

A biology term paper is just like any other term paper. To successfully conduct a biology term paper and get the best grades, one should plan and execute it carefully

When preparing, the writer should

  • Analyze the assignment- they should consider their purpose and objectives of writing. They should also consider their audience and their needs, and the parameters that the assignment should be written in, like the number of sources required, the deadline and the length of the paper.
  • They should then do a brainstorming exercise which should lead to an initial outline of the paper. This involves generating the possible ideas and topics, reviewing them and choosing the best options. They should then prepare a preliminary outline, which is the first rough draft of the paper.

The next stage is the research stage

  • In this stage they should access the databases that they have access to and gather sources of information. They should review course textbooks and other auxiliary sources of information that are available like the library and internet sources. Library online catalogues contain journal articles, book sections, eBooks and other databases that might be helpful.
  • After this they should skim each of the sources that are available and determine the scope of their usefulness. They should ask themselves whether the information they have is relevant to the topic, is from a reliable and reputable to the source and will be acceptable to the audience.
  • They should review their outlines and expand their scope with the new information they have gathered from the new sources. If the sources are reliable, then they should document them in the required citation style.

When writing the first draft, the following steps should be taken

  • There should be a first rough draft. The writer should not be afraid to approach other people about their topic and what they should include in the essay.
  • They should compare their intended thesis statement, their rough draft and the outline and see if the general direction is the same. If not, the rough draft should be reviewed to make sure that the contents relate closely to the thesis
  • They should consider style and avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious offense in the academic world and should be avoided at all cost. When writing a term paper, the style is normally provided. The writer should make sure they use the right style in referencing and citation.

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