Prompts for writing research papers: style and language

Research papers are one of the most critical writing assignments a student needs to do in his academic life. They need to be clear and concise. Even if a student is good at writing and has enough creativity he will still need to learn and understand the proper language and style in order to write a research paper. Different universities and high schools have different criteria for assigning writing tasks. It also depends upon the teacher to recommend a certain style. Some teachers prefer MLA style over APA while others consider APA the best format for writing a research paper. The students must be careful while writing their research papers as they must follow the style and language specified by their teacher. If you have collected strong data to support your stance and have done extensive research to write your paper then it must have taken a lot of time. Do not waste your efforts and time by ignoring the preferred style and language. A very well written paper can be rejected if it fails to meet the requirements set by the teacher. They will consider you irresponsible if you do not follow the specified styles for your research work.

The style of the research paper

There are different styles that are used around the world for writing research papers. Some universities want their students to follow MLA style while others may choose APA as the standard format. Universities and teachers specify style of writing so that every student follows the same pattern and it is easy to compare their papers. It also helps the teachers in grading lengthy research papers. Make sure you follow the proper style and include foot notes and end notes as required by the format you are following

Language to use for a research paper

A research paper is not like the average written assignments. It is a vital form of academic writing and must be written in a proper language. You may use informal style in essay writing or other creative writing assignments but it is strongly prohibited for research paper writing. The language of the research paper must sound professional and free of mistakes. Avoid long sentences as they ought to create confusion. Here are a few things that will help you adopt proper language for the research paper writing.

  • A formal and professional tone
  • Keep the writing consistent
  • Correct use of tense
  • Avoid first person pronoun
  • Use conjunctions carefully
  • Proof read your work

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