Free Cause and Effect Paper Samples

Structuring a cause and effect essay for the first time can be confusing if you don't know where to begin. Before searching for paper samples you should decide on the topic you are going to write about first. Is this going to be a scenario relating to your personal life or a historical event? Consider what the assignment will be on before you find a sample so that you can base your structure off of a similar topic. By having a guide to work off of you will understand how to introduce the theme, talk about the event and include evidence throughout your body paragraphs. You will also learn how to build a conclusion so that you are reflecting or creating a commentary.

If your instructor isn't willing to provide you with an example or guide, search online for free samples that are in the correct cause and effect format. As you're writing look at how the sample author has introduced the event into their introductory paragraph and how they lead into the body to highlight relevant patterns, proof and reflections. How you go about this will rely heavily on the topic that you choose.

Create Relevance

It's easy to simply list the causes and the effects that have resulted from a situation. It's your job to synthesize the two so that the reader understands what pattern you are trying to convey. Don't be afraid to incorporate sociology and psychology patterns into these either because it will allow the audience to understand why the event may have happened.

Use as much evidence as you possibly can! Once you get the structure down it will be a lot easier for you to add in details that contribute to the argument. First outline the essay, perfect the format and then infuse it with proofreading and thorough editing. It's important that you begin with the cause, follow with the event in the body paragraphs and end in the effect. With the correct sequence it will also be much easier for your audience to understand what pattern to recognize.

Verify the Sample Article

There are many cause and effect papers that you can use as a guide online – although, not all of them are structured correctly. Get the example from a reliable academic source to make sure that you are going about the writing format correctly. It's vital that you understand the elements of the structure or you will not have a powerful essay. As you're writing, put yourself in the shoes of the reader to verify whether or not you are influencing them with the right use of evidence.

If it is an experience of your own, it will be easier to write about the cause and effect due to the personalization associated with the topic. If you are writing about a historical event you'll have many readers who may also be informed on the issue and attempt to contradict the observations that you've made. If you are going to write on a piece of history, do plenty of research and make sure that all of your sources are accurate.

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