Writing A High-Quality Explanatory Essay On UK History: 7 Helpful Tips

An exploratory essay is often used to provide information and details about a specific topic. For example, when writing a paper based on UK history, you may wish to explain what causes a historical event to occur, as well as potentially what consequences resulted from that event.

  1. Choose an open topic to write about
  2. In order to write your essay you first need to think of a topic to write about. You may wish to look at recent UK history, such as events that occurred during the 20th century, including both World Wars, or you may wish to look at topics relating to Prime Ministers or monarchs of the UK. Whatever topic you choose to write about, you should be able to express different points of view on the event or people that you are discussing.

  3. Include opinions and arguments from both sides
  4. An exploratory essay should generally be fairly neutral and, therefore, you should include opinions and arguments that could be included from both sides, unlike an argumentative paper, where you will most likely be arguing for one side or the other.

  5. Carrying out interviews and questionnaires for essays based on recent history
  6. When writing a paper about UK history you may wish to carry out interviews and questionnaires with people who lived through the experience or historical event that you are discussing.

  7. Using the internet for research
  8. Another great place to look for sources of information is the Internet. You may wish to look on websites relating to museums, as well as a wide range of other sources.

  9. Fact-checking and proofreading your work
  10. If you include any historical facts in your paper then you will need to ensure that they have been thoroughly checked, to ensure that they are accurate. Furthermore, you will need to proofread your work to eliminate any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

  11. Looking at relevant articles and past papers relating to UK history for extra inspiration
  12. For some further ideas you may wish to consider looking at relevant articles that are related to the history of the United Kingdom. Equally, looking at prewritten past papers can be a great source of inspiration for content and topic ideas.

  13. Getting help from other online sources
  14. For further assistance, you may wish to ask questions on various online forums and Q & A websites, where you will be able to find people with knowledge of the topics that you are writing about.

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