5 Tips on How to Buy Term Papers at a Reasonable Price

Having your term paper written by professionals can be rather expensive, but you can cut the costs using these simple tips.

  1. Compare prices across websites.
  2. Prices on writing services, like in many other markets, are subject to change over time. If you read somewhere on the Internet that a fair price for a term paper is $10 or $15 per page, this information might already be outdated. To find out what is a reasonable price right now, run a search engine to discover writing services and compare their fees. The more websites you check, the more accurate idea of a good price you would get.

  3. Look for special offers.
  4. To attract new customers, many writing services offer discounts if you place your order on a specific date. Look for websites that have special offers right now by formulating your search query as “term paper writing service special offer.” Do not disregard even small discounts; given the volume of your paper, they can make a significant difference. For example, if your term paper is to be 15 pages long, a 10% discount off the regular page price means saving at least $15-20.

  5. Book in advance.
  6. The exact price of completing your term paper depends on two main factors – the scope of work and the time before deadline. While you can’t change the word count of your assignment, you can place your order in advance. A paper you need completed in 48 hours can cost two or three times as much as the same paper you want in two weeks.

  7. Give preference to low-cost websites that explain their prices.
  8. Prices much lower than average can indicate a scam company. Reputable writing services that offer comparatively low fees (e. g. $7 per page where most players charge $10) would explain their reasons for it. For example, a company might be able to set lower prices because they process a great amount of orders (“the scale effect”). Remember that what you need is not the lowest price in the market but the best ratio of price and quality.

  9. Do not fall for “native-only” companies.
  10. Services that claim to be hiring only native English speakers generally charge higher fees. Meanwhile, the advantage derived from the fact of a native speaker working on your paper is negligible. With term papers, the writer’s expertise in a respective field of knowledge is far more important than his or her language skills. A non-native can deliver a great paper for a much smaller price.

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