Buying College Essays Online is Legit

Define Legit

Before we get into this any further, let’s look at the different degrees of “legit” in this respect. Yes, there is a huge difference in how it should be applied.

The Legitimacy of the Paper Completed

Buying college essays online is legit smacks of justifying cheating an academic honor system with few safeguards in place to counteract cheating outside of nipping plagiarisms in the bud. This means that the student has managed to buck the institution’s honor system and has managed to pass off a counterfeit paper for an actual grade. Liken it to printing counterfeit currency, going into a store, purchasing a bunch of stuff, passing off the phony cash, and making off with the loot.

This is the same as using a paper you didn’t finish by your hand and with your own time. Sure you paid for the work to be done, but you didn’t do the work yourself. Of course the person who did the paper doesn’t care that you’re taking credit for his or her work, an “A” or “B” doesn’t cover the bills or pay off fines. Basically, a grade is pointless, but to an instructor and your academic credibility, a high mark is a seal of approval on your work.

Buying Essays Is a Legit Practice

This is true. Students buy essays online all the time, every day and every week. This has gone on since the mid-to-late 1990s when essays and financial transactions could be transferred electronically with email and e-payments. Essay buying is a small, but legit part of eCommerce. The product you receive actually exists and becomes physical and tangible once your print it out.

The Legitimacy of Online Essay Writing Sites

This is another degree of “legit”, some websites for this kind of service are simply scams. They’re not easily identifiable ones, but they exist and are comparable in number to legit essay writing services. This is the case with any service whether it is online in nature or less abstract. Since this is the case, essay writing sites award the same kind of rewards and risks to consumers:

  • Poor services and great services
  • Rating services
  • Customer support
  • Shoddy work to great work
  • Competitive pricing
  • Discounts and deals
  • In-house advertising and word of mouth advertising

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