Why Do We Write Essays in Schools and Colleges?

The simple answer is so we can teach students how to write. This is quite true; we do write essays in schools and colleges and there is considerable weight given to how and why we gain admittance into institutions of higher learning based on our writings.

Writing essays goes far beyond the subject matter of the assignment, however. It’s a lesson in organization, structure, and formatting that goes far beyond the information covered in several hundred words or a few pieces of paper. Structure is pertinent to a successful life, and the key to a great essay is outlining and executing the points you want to make. It correlates perfectly with the priorities you outline and make note of in the life that you lead. It might be a stretch, but knowing how to write a solid essay can instill the values necessary for a happy life outside of the classroom as well.

Writing goes beyond the assignment you are responsible for completing, it gives you an opportunity to wise up early enough so you are able to become a better person. Don’t be stubborn such that you won’t take criticism from others for something as simple as writing an essay, it’s a scary spiral towards years of frustration and insecurity.

Take a deep breath

Just as in life, you may know the subject stinks. You may not like your instructor, either.These reasons won’t get you the grade you want, however.

There are some individuals out there who can get away with the arrogance typical of those who really don’t need any extra help.These people are rare.

Take your time

  • Nobody get’s it right the first time.
  • You won’t ever succeed without learning from your mistakes.

Working with people ensures you will learn throughout your life. Embracing learning at a young age improves your ability to focus your mind and encourage growth.

Deal with it

  • Putting yourself in a position of vulnerability is not easy. Listening to criticism is tough, but what is the alternative?
  • Once you swallow your pride, you can truly begin to learn
  • People sense insecurity. Part of learning is figuring out how to be a good student in and out of the classroom. A decision as simple as asking a classmate for some notes on your essay is a critical first step to becoming a better person.

This is why we write essays in school and college.

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