A List Of Contemporary Marketing Research Paper Topics

A hot topic of interest for those seeking to maximize profit is marketing research. Due to this being a high priority for sales and production to advance the interests of their companies. So it becomes a major need for companies to have a list of marketing research topics that are useful in the contemporary market. These will be useful in attempting to break down the areas of research and development so that money can be spent on the right things as they are needed. I will look at 7 different topics here that can be used for those interested in marketing research for several different fields they are as follows.

  • Toys For Children
  • Sports Cars
  • Video Games
  • Computers
  • Ebooks
  • Power Tools
  • Real Estate

Toys For Children

One of the most common market issues is trying to fashion sales related to children. Parents love to buy their children gifts so it makes sense that this is one of the most fundamentally profitable areas of market research. One of the most lucrative issues would be to research what toys and children’s shows are popular now and begin development off of that basis.

Sports Cars

For people whose primary target customer is wealthier men than sports cars are a definite win in the market. A good point of research could be done to look into what men who can afford sports cars are looking for at the present time. There are numerous companies that make high end cars such as the Ferrari and Lamborghini these can be major focus of research for which are more popular at the time.

Video Games

Certainly one the most profitable aspects of the present day market is Video Games. There are thousands of games and millions of player worldwide. Alongside the games themselves there are the game consoles, controllers, and other accessories all of which lead to a large amount of merchandise which research could focus on marketing for profit.


A very profitable and expensive area of production and sales in the present market are of course of the most important machines in the modern world of course computers. There are dozens of computer manufacturers and design companies and these are some of the hottest areas of profit in the world and would be a prime area of research for marketing.


A newer and rising aspect of the modern economy is the EBook. These electronic books made for computers or various other reading devices are rapidly placing bookstores out of business as they make the old paper books largely obsolete. This is definitely a major field for research that could be focused on by those who wish to generate a lot of ideas and profit.

Power Tools

A longstanding and stable area of sales and marketing are power tools. These have been around for decades and show no sign of slowing down as the do it-yourself mentality will always be popular for those who want self-sufficiency.

Real Estate

This area of marketing will never disappear as people will always need a place to live. While the housing market has been unstable for quite some time now that in itself would be a very useful area of research to find stability in an unstable market.

These have been but a few on a list of marketing research topics in the contemporary market though there are countless more that could be utilized when seeking to find the best market niche for research to development profitable means of sales.

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