Foreign Essay Writing Service Mascarading as American Companies

How would you feel if you thought you were working with an American company, only to later find out it’s a foreign company masquerading as an American? Many customers are placed in this situation every day, and some may not even know it. Though it may not sound that bad to some, it does have its drawbacks. The following information will help you an idea of what you’ll be dealing with.

Language barriers

The first thing that may create a problem is the language barrier. While people from other countries learn English, it’s not likely that they can write it as well as an American. Therefore, parts of your essay may turn out sounding a bit “off”. In this case, you may hire a company to write your essay but when you get the final copy it still requires your edits.

Lower-quality work

Many past customers have commented that the overall quality of work produced by foreign essay writing services is lower than that of other writers. This is not something that has been proven because many of these companies hire freelance writers from all over the world; so many will equate the quality to a matter of personal preference.

You never know who you are working with

The only real problem with a foreign essay writing service acting like an American company is that you never really know who you are working with. To some people this will never be an issue because as long as the work is completed to the standards, the client doesn’t care where the writer is from. On the other hand, other clients will really have an issue that they are being fooled by the company.

Is it that bad?

This leaves us with only one question: Is it that bad? This is really a matter of personal opinion. As discussed above, some clients don’t care where someone is located as long as the work is satisfactory. Alternatively, some will. The ones who have a problem with it view it as dishonest, as they are being misled into thinking their money is going to an American company, when really the headquarters is at the owner’s home in India or such.

In the end, there are currently many foreign essay writing services who are selling services as American companies. The fact is you more than likely won’t know if this happens to you or not because the owners use addresses listed in America. So, in other words, an unsuspecting consumer would simply think the company was located in America. Regardless, so long as the work is completed the same – what does it really matter?

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