How to Make a 5 Paragraph Essay Without a Hitch

Writing a quality 5 paragraph essay without a hitch is possible if you plan well. A 5 paragraph essay is a very common task given at the school level to enhance students’ writing skills. In exams as well, a 5 paragraph essay can be given to test the writing skills and abilities of the students. Such an essay can be organized as follows:

  • A one Para introduction.
  • Three Para's main body of the essay.
  • A one Para conclusion.

The introduction part:

The introduction part of an essay should ideally be in a single paragraph where you can give the brief description of the topic. A quality essay should have a ‘grabber’ which should be good enough to collect the attention of the reader. The introduction should also lay the foundation or the base for your material in the body section of the essay. The thesis of your essay topic should be covered in a single sentence or at most 2 sentences which should essentially cover your overall point of view or the argument related to the topic. The thesis statement has its main scope in the body where the ideas or the thesis is expanded in a lot finer detail.

Main Body:

The main body of a 5 paragraph essay should have three paragraphs where the writer talks about the topic in in-depth detail. All the three paragraphs should be fully utilized by using each one to specify a single idea. If we go into further detail, then each paragraph should also have a mini thesis statement which is expanded to explain the topic in much broader detail. This is also the place where you can make your point of view clear by using some examples. Make sure that you give very specific examples as they are the best source to convince your reader towards your point of view.

Concluding part:

The conclusion contains your closing remarks which should essentially begin with a restatement of your main point. You are required to paraphrase that, which means that you need to express the same thing but in different words. It should be strong enough to convince your reader who should have a good feeling after reading your essay. Logically, the conclusion of any essay is regarded as the exact opposite of the introduction which starts up very specific but becomes very general as you reach the end.

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