Concluding A Comparative Essay: 5 Useful Tips For College Students

Every type of a research text contains three basic elements: introduction, body and conclusion. When you write a comparative essay, you are supposed to choose several objects that will be analyzed. They are presented in the introduction of the text and information on the compared items is shown in the body. The conclusion is the most important part of the essay as it finalizes all the data that is given in the work, so it is necessary to conclude the paper to bring your idea to the readers.

Here you will read five useful tips for college students that will help in writing a conclusion to a comparative essay.

  1. Your conclusion should correspond to your introduction.
  2. Your conclusion should repeat the thesis and briefly describe the main points and ideas that were stated in the introduction. You should create a final statement that will give the answer to the question that was stated at the beginning of the essay. The conclusion usually derives from the introduction and it is often supported with the facts from the body.

  3. Write down the list of the most valuable ideas.
  4. Read again through the body of your text and write out the most important facts and ideas from the work, then summarize them all in your conclusion. It is important to point them out as the conclusion of the work consists of the facts that are taken from the body.

  5. The text of the conclusion should contain the author’s opinion.
  6. The whole text of your work usually contains an objective data, while the conclusion should contain several statements that express the author’s opinion. The readers should read your text and understand your opinion on the compared objects. It is the goal of every researcher to come to a personal conclusion when writing any scientific work.

  7. Avoid making a long conclusion.
  8. Fortunately, there are no strict rules that limit the size of the conclusion.. The conclusion is a grand final of the whole paper and it shouldn’t be too long. It is necessary to write the essential information from the work in the most effective way that will surprise the reader. Try to use not more than ten sentences.

  9. Avoid giving new data in the conclusion.
  10. You shouldn’t write any new ideas in the conclusion because your purpose is to summarize the material that has been already written. Stick to the original idea and the conclusion will be written in a good way.

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