Custom Papers Versus Used Papers

In today’s world, purchasing papers from professional writing companies is becoming less and less of a taboo. In fact, buying papers from other sources is becoming an essential practice for many students. With an overload of school assignments and the pressure of unrealistically high expectations, students that don’t turn to professional writing services fall behind in school – and sometimes even drop out! As the nation struggles with that high drop-out rate, they overlook the reason; we’re pushing our children too far, too fast, and overwhelming them with academics.

It’s for this reason that students are beginning to turn, more and more, to the world of online writing services. However, a serious issue arises when this happens. Writing services – whether honestly or dishonestly – don’t always produce original work for student assignments. Sometimes, they recycle used papers. Now students face another conflict: should they spend money on custom papers, or on used papers?

Students sometimes prefer purchasing used papers because they are typically cheaper – and high school or college students aren’t exactly rolling in cash. Just because a paper is recycled doesn’t mean that the teacher will recognize it – not with thousands of essays floating around in the world. However, students do take a serious risk when they purchased used essays. The chances of getting plagiarized work – and of having teacher recognize it as plagiarized work – is much, much higher. Students also risk turning in assignments that aren’t similar, in any way, to their style of writing. Teachers do notice the writing style and habits of their students, and purchasing a used essay means purchasing someone else’s style of writing. You risk a lot with used papers.

In contrast, custom-written papers have much lower risks. As they are custom-made, there is no chance of plagiarism. Good writing companies will also attempt to adapt to your writing style, tone and habits, in order to seamlessly add this ‘bought’ assignment to your list of other papers. In general, when you buy a custom paper, you’re more likely to get a trusted paper that sounds as though you wrote it. There are still risks with this type of purchased paper, however. Typically, you will have to pay more for a custom, originally crafted paper than an old recycled one (but more often than not, it’s worth it). Yu also need to be very selective about the writing company you trust with you ‘custom’ assignment; there are scams out there, and you want to avoid deception. Overall, custom papers are typically the most preferred choice, considering their authenticity; used papers are cheaper, but not as high quality and not as passable in a class. General speaking, custom papers will always win out over used ones!

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