Human and Adult Elephant Effect on Baby Elephant's Learning

Elephants are remarkable animals that can be trained to do various tricks. Many people are familiar with their abilities through watching circus acts and seeing them at the local zoo. But researchers continue to learn about their relationships and how humans influence them among their young. Baby elephants are similar in nature to children. They look to their parents for guidance and means of survival. Because some elephants are cared for by humans before they have children of their own, this element may affect how adult elephants relate to their young.

The human and adult elephant effect on baby elephants can happen in different ways. Baby elephants are likely to copy or simulate actions of adult elephants. Adult elephants can be taught to do things by humans that may benefit how they care for their young. The environment elephants live and raise their young is important. In some cases elephants do not engage in contact with humans because of where they live. Baby elephants may be taught certain elements by humans depending on their environment, but adult elephants may or may not understand such relations if they are not in their typical environment.

Adult elephants can be protective of their young, just like humans watching over their children. In this case, baby elephants would need to grow accustomed to being influenced by humans. Because humans can have different reasons for caring for elephants, baby elephants may be treated differently. There are cases where elephants are kept together because they are family or being raised for a specific purpose. Baby elephants are known to be in different environments around the world and this alone is an indication of versatility among humans and adult elephants.

Baby elephants are likely to do actions they see the adult elephant do, especially if the elephant is its parent. If an adult elephant is trained to do work (lift or pull objects) in the presence of their young, they may learn a little easier what they are expected to do. Because elephants are unique in size and knowledge, humans in different parts of the world appreciate them and treat them well. Adult elephants may have their own way of translating this to their young. After learning more about their natural habitat, elephants and their young continue to have unusual ways they affect humans.

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