Where Do You Find Good Topics For Argumentative Essays

The Internet is a vast place for information on different topics including on where to find good topics for an argumentative essay.  There are sites that have ten topics to ones that have five hundred that you can choose from.  But you do have to be careful because most of the sites have to same topics on them as others.  If you don’t find different ones than you will be searching for a long time.  Lucky for you, I have found the best sites that have argumentative essay topics for you, so you don’t have to go too far for good topics.

Where To Find Argumentative Topics

  • About dot COM’s homework tips has fifty argumentative topics that you can choose from for your essay.  They vary form climate change to college topics.  This site can give you some ideas for your topic.
  • The New York Times Learning blog has two hundred argumentative topics that you can choose for your topic.  And they are broken up into categories like, education, technology and social media, art and media, gender issues, sports, politics, parenting and childhood, health, character and morality, science, and general questions.
  • Hubpages is a great place to find different articles on different topics, one article list a hundred argument or position topics.  They are all questions that you can use in your essay.
  • Essay Basics is a site that has format styles that you can use for your essay, which includes APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago.  This site also has one hundred argumentative essay topics that you can choose from for your essay.
  • Archive dot org has a great eBook available for students that have the five hundred best topics for argumentative essays.  This book is broken up into topic into subtopics, like gender roles, ethical dilemmas, personal relations, college, business, economy, management, marketing, literature, languages, education, law, history, nursing, and so on.  This eBook will give you a ton of ideas for your argumentative essay.

Any of these sites will help you find a topic for your essay.  Each site has different topics on various subjects, so you will have a variety of topics to work with.  Remember that once you choose you topic, that you do great research to support your point of view on the topic and show the reader both sides of the argument, not just your opinion.  In an argumentative essay you want to give the facts on both sides and let the reader decide on their own which one that they agree with.

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