How to Avoid Anxiety when Writing a College Coursework

Sometimes the biggest impediment to getting work done isn’t lack of inspiration, lack of research, or lack of good writing skills. It can all come down to anxiety. A lot is on you when writing up a college coursework, considering it literally demonstrates to your instructor your ability to experiment, research and write on a topic over a long period of time. Allowing the anxiety to build up inside of you knowing you will have to present your completed coursework to your instructor simultaneously builds up stress, too much worrying, sweating, headaches, irritability, and so on. It’s not exactly the best way to write up your coursework.

Of course, there are tactics you can use to avoid anxiety. And while they may be easier said than done, they are still effective methods to try to avoid anxiety if you feel it is becoming a problem and impeding your work.

  • Breath. Take a long, deep breath, let it all out, and repeat for a few times. Sometimes that’s all it takes to relax your body and let you start thinking more clearly.
  • Be positive. Don’t be hard on yourself or think negative thoughts. Smile and laugh a lot, watch a humorous movie, or learn some funny jokes and tell them to family and friends. It may not sound helpful, but taking a positive outlook on things can be a huge boost to your morale.
  • Get some sleep. If you’re fatigued with dark circles under your eyes, that could be a significant part of what is causing your anxiety. Go to bed early and wake up late (if it fits in with your schedule), take an hour long nap in the afternoon, whatever you need to do to catch up on some badly needed rest will be a huge help to you.
  • Maybe you need some time alone. Hike up a hill, take a walk in the park, or anything you like to do on your spare time that helps clear you mind. Or maybe you’re not the kind of person who needs to spend some time alone, and what you need is to spend some time with friends, like getting a group together and doing a fun activity. That works too.
  • Have courage! Don’t be afraid and look forward to presenting your coursework to your instructor. This can help to reverse your outlook on the assignment and get you working. Know that you are not alone and that there are other people probably in the same class as you in the same boat you’re in, but just know that you’re better than all the rest. You can do it.

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