The human body is home to many microscopic organisms, most of which are harmless to our health and some of them are actually quite necessary, living symbiotically with us. There are harmful organisms that can sometimes invade our bodies however and in the worst cases, death can occur as a result. Before modern medicine, we simply had to hope we would heal or eventually succumb to the disease and die. Many pathogens have the ability to infest our bodies, reproduce and transfer themselves to the bodies of other humans and are the cause of contagious diseases. A virulent pathogen can wipe out a community of people in a matter of months but, thankfully, we have a method of coping with this.

It’s Discovery

The small pox vaccine was discovered in 1786 by British physician, Edward Jenner after they realized that patients that have survived the disease are no longer able to contract it again. Jenner noticed that cow pox was similar to Small pox and so proceeded to infect a young bow with cow pox. After a few days of fever the boy recovered and when later infected with a sample of Small Pox, he did not develop the disease. This was a major break as a cure was found that did not require a person to be first inoculated with the deadly small pox virus. This sparked the practice of weakening viruses, then using them to trigger the body’s immune response.

Public Acceptance

Vaccines have been used for decades since its first discovery but recently the general public has started having negative responses to the procedure. Many uninformed people are of the opinion that vaccination is a leading cause of autism and many other birth defects. There is however, no scientific evidence to support this idea and professionals state that we only notice a rise of autistic diagnoses because we have improved detection practices for this disability. Despite this, many different groups are strongly against vaccination and I can only see this going badly for those individuals.

Many pleasures of modern life can easily be taken for granted, especially when we are not directly faced with the alternatives. Most people alive today have been vaccinated and as a result, they are immune to many diseases that could have killed them before they ever got the chance to open their mouths to talk against it. If this keeps up, the future looks very grim for those in opposition.

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