A helpful guide for doctoral theses writing

The doctoral thesis is the crowning achievement of many years of academic work. It must fill some pretty steep requirements:

  • Must add significantly to the current knowledge in the specific field of study
  • It must be a culmination of original research, investigation and final analysis.
  • It must have a high quality so that it is worthy of publication.
  • Most are around 300 pages in length
  • Usually must be completed in 4 years, which includes the requirements of residence.
  • Depending on the faculty of your program, there will be methodological rules which must be strictly adhered to.

The student would have a supervisor who would approve the thesis topic as well as the research being proposed. As a student you would be able to gain a lot of direction and guidance relevant to your chosen topic. The supervisor would also help to formulate a plan for the work and ideas of where the focus should be. How to write your thesis

  1. If there is a required structure, follow it. If not, then you will need a title page, abstract, table of contents, list of tables, list of figures, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, recommendations, acknowledgments, references, appendices
  2. Start planning as early on as you can for your thesis; even before graduate school you can start collecting ideas.
  3. Know who your audience is. Who are you writing to? Who will this research and findings affect? Who will be interested? Who will read it?
  4. Narrow down your scientific question or hypothesis.
  5. Start gathering evidence, and make sure you use a wide variety of sources.
  6. What are the implications of your research and the results?
  7. Use clear and concise writing.
  8. You will have a great deal of writing to do.
  9. You must read and have a background knowledge of current and previous research in the field of study.
  10. You must formulate a plan to conduct research of your own relevant to your hypothesis. It’s your goal to discover something of great enough importance that it adds something new to the field.
  11. The abstract must be written after the entire thesis is finalized. This is because you will condense down the information in the thesis in order to write the abstract.
  12. All written text should tie in with the data you provide, and give a meaningful explanation and analysis for the reader.

Going through a step by step plan such as the one above can be of great assistance when trying to write something as extensive as a thesis paper.

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