Good Topics for Research Papers

For some people the hardest part is not gathering information and typing the paper; the hardest part for them is selecting the best research topic. You should choose a topic that is within your professor's guidelines but that is also of strong interest to you. One good way to find a good research topic is to watch the local and national news, and if you are not into mainstream media you can watch alternative news outlets or even English-language news programs in other countries. Sometimes conversations you have with friends and relatives spark an interest in a certain topic.

Single Mothers During The Great Depression

A topic that doesn't always receive examination is the lives of single mothers during the 1930s and how they survived tough economic times in the early part of the 1930s in both the urban cities and rural areas. You can specifically dedicate a section of the research to the plight of single black mothers during the Great Depression and how race and gender affected their abilities to locate decent employment. Also mention examples of single women who had an entrepreneurial spirit and who opened businesses that helped them earn money.

Your Genealogical History

If you were able to trace your family history back a few generations and you just graduated from college, you can write a scholarly journal article in which you place your family history in the context of several important events that occurred in history. For example, if your great-grandmother was a teenager in the 1920s, talk about how her life may have been shaped by the progressive politics during that time and her views on the roles of women at the time.

Future of Medicare And Effects on Senior Citizens

Now that the Affordable Healthcare Act is a law, there will be a few changes that could happen for the Medicare system and according to some medical experts, some of these changes could negatively affect senior citizens' ability to receive certain medical procedures and prescriptions in the future. You can research the future of Medicare and whether there will be adequate funds for seniors who need Medicare in coming years.


Finding the right research paper topic takes time but when you locate the one you want, you should spend at least two to three weeks in gathering books, journal articles and magazine articles so that you will have everything you need to complete the assignment. When you develop your thesis for the research paper, make sure the argument is based on valid arguments rather than your personal opinions.

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